The Brain Cloud


Artist-photographer, Vincent Fournier draws on the universe of the grand narratives of the utopists and futurists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Conceived in 2016, the “Brain-Cloud” is a cloud printed in 3D, floating in a glass case. Invisibles forces, both natural and surnatural, inspired by scientific wonder, blur the boundaries between perception and knowledge, between reason and the imaginary. The work offers a reflection on the cloud storage of our data, in the manner of a virtual brain. This “cloud” resound like a metaphor of our fleeting memory, affected by digital developments. Made from sintered powder and then printed in 3D, the “cloud” restes suspended in the air through a coupled system of magnetic fields. Critical of cloud computing, Vincent Fournier’s work symbolizes the storage of our memories through the notion of immateriality and the new psychological phenomena of our time.