Spazio Nobile Gallery
Exposition du 27 avril au 3 septembre 2023 

Super Specimens: Sensations of the Extraordinary puts into perspective the metamorphoses of living beings and the evolution of species looks at the augmented animal. Auctus animalise series is an initiatory fable on the metamorphosis of hybrid species, a poetic questioning on the transformation of the living. Flora Incognita (2023) series sublimate our own garden of the soul by playing with the folds of anamorphosis. The corolla unfolds like a twirling dress, an intoxication of metamorphosis. Its image becomes its own fiction and plunges the viewer into a swirling dance like a garden of delights, referring to the famous painting of the Flemish Primitive Hieronymus Bosch who, along with other painters of his time, drew the first landscapes of humanity, between belief, reality and utopia. L.C.
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